Tempur® Prima SmartCool™


Tempur Prima Smartcool™

The all new TEMPUR Prima® SmartCool™ pillow – providing you exceptional comfort and support for all-night pressure relief. It perfectly adapts and conforms to your head, neck and shoulders, offering the ideal support for all sleep positions. Featuring TEMPUR® Renew® Material, made from a blend of repurposed TEMPUR® Material and other high grade comfort materials, you can rest assured that your pillow is more responsibly produced. For extra cooling comfort, our cool-to-the-touch cover keeps you feeling cool and fresh.

Feels: Available in Soft and Medium

A cooler cover for total freshness

Our innovative cooling cover with SmartCool™️ Technology is cool-to-the-touch and helps to absorb excess body heat and keep you feeling cool and fresh. With long-lasting quality, it’s easy to wash and keep fresh and clean.

¿Por qué TEMPUR®?

Desde el momento en el que te acuestas hasta que te despiertas TEMPUR® se adapta a tu cuerpo.

El material TEMPUR® es una espuma viscoelástica de alta densidad que se adapta perfectamente a la forma, peso y temperatura de tu cuerpo para un descanso completo toda la noche.

Conoce más

Dentro de cada colchón TEMPUR®

Encontraras nuestro material TEMPUR® diseñado por la NASA que se adapta a tu cuerpo y sus características toda la noche.

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